5 Types Of Letters To Write Them During Basic

Army Wife In Training / Monday, January 1st, 2018

Writing letters to your loved one in the Basic Training is the only promised way to communicate with them. I say promised because sure you might get the occasional phone calls but they are not guaranteed. What is allowed 100 % is writing snail mail back and forth.

It took almost four weeks before I was able to find out my husband’s official address but that didn’t stop me from writing him letters from day one.

From my experience and the opinions of other military spouses, these are some great ways you can write to your loved one.

  1. Day In The Life
    This is the easiest one to write because think of this letter as your journal. Write about what you had for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Talk about the kids and what you guys did today. If you don’t have kids just walk them through your day. This is the letter that you will most likely use more often when writing then not. I would worry that maybe it seemed like a boring letter but my husband told me that’s what he liked. It would make him feel as if he was apart of my day. He would be able to imagine everything that I did. Which helps make them feel closer to home. When they are at Basic they lose contact with the world completely, so they do rely on you to keep them apart of your world.
  2. Trip Down Memory Lane
    I found this type of letter to be helpful for me, especially when I missed him the most I would start to write memories of us. Thinking about all the good times we had, the laughs we have shared. The challenges we overcame, this is the letter that will bring a smile to their face and give them something to think about while they are being yelled at by Drill Sargents. You know, find their happy place.
  3. Encouraging Quotes and Bible Verses
    Basic Training is a shock to a person, they have been broken as civilians and molded into soldiers and it is tough. Think about it, they are getting yelled at constantly. Making mistakes a lot and learning so much. They have to exercise probably more then they have in their life. And go through such challenging things. When they feel like quitting this is the letter that helps push them through it. It is pretty easy to write nowadays especially since we have Pinterest and Google, the world is at our fingertips. You can search encouraging quotes for soldiers or Bible Verses for soldiers, anything you think they will find encouraging write it. What I did with mine was use printer paper and write I Love You in the middle of the paper and then in different colors I wrote the encouraging quotes and Bible Verses.
  4. I love you because,
    This is probably going to be the longest time you have been apart from each other. Especially since communication is pretty slim. Their minds start to worry thinking that they abandoned you or that you are going to leave them. This is the letter that you remind them how much you love them. The reasons why you love them. And how you will be waiting for them at the end and are cheering them on. I figure I don’t need to explain much on this one because if you love you that person then you know why. Just tell them, let your guard down and open up to them. It is a great reminder for yourself and to them.
  5. Humor/Events
    Like I said earlier all they know now is Basic Training and whatever the DS want them to know. So it is our job to keep them in the loop with life. Look up funny jokes and write it to them. This was the hardest one for me because I had to think like my hubby and research the things he likes so I could update him. You can talk about the weather, current events or just a crazy story you’ve watched or read about. They will truly appreciate being in the loop with the outside world.

Talk to them before they leave and ask them how much they want you to write to them along with how much you would like them to write to you. There is nothing wrong with writing every day even when you don’t know where to send them. Once you get that address just mail all the letters you have written in one envelope and send it off. But one thing I have learned is to make sure you either mark them in order or date them when you send a bunch at a time.

If you have any questions feel free to message me even if you just want to chat this military spouse /relationship can be hard especially when you are brand new to this world. You can also watch me on my youtube channel for all things Military, Beauty & Home

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